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Marty Zimmerman as keynote speaker, author, and coach has been selected from a nationwide search to be featured in the 1st Edition of Speaking of Success, a highly successful book series from Tennessee based Insight Publishing. The book features best-selling authors Stephen R. Covey (Seven Habits of Highly Effective People), Ken Blanchard (One Minute Manager) and Jack Canfield (Co – creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul). Marty Zimmerman, Blanchard, Covey and Canfield, are joined by other well known authors and speakers, each offering time-tested strategies for success in frank and intimate interviews.


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Consistent winners have the same mind set - they all know that to stay on top, it is vital to continue the training process. For athletes it means practice, practice, practice. For those in the business it means keeping up with the latest information about their industry. And it means constantly learning from others who are leaders in their field.


This book, The Best of the Best, includes interviews with some of the most interesting and most successful people in the business world today. You will learn about some of the things they have accomplished and how these accomplishments apply to your business and personal life.


You'll also discover:

  • How mentoring differs from coaching, training, & managing
  • The four communication styles & the importance of learning others' communication styles
  • How to help teams overcome conflict
  • The seven attributes of successful teams that function at optimal level
  • How the twenty-first century affects interpersonal relationships & self-empowerment


You'll find this book a valuable resource and an excellent addition to your learning library.


If you want to stay ahead of the game, The Best of the Best is a must read and a crucial element in your continuing education about what's new in the business world today.


IN THEIR PRESENCE: BEST PRACTICES AND STORIES OF ROLE MODELS - Retail Price:   $20.00 (plus $3.00 for shipping and handling) -To purchase your copy today,


If your profession is the profession of life, this tale of role models in business is better than any bedtime story.  In Their Presence: Best Practices and Stories of Role Models is acclaimed as the soul mate of Tom Peters’ In Search of Excellence, and a treasure for those who seek leadership excellence.  Its pragmatic approach distinguishes it from other leadership books.  Demonstrating clear and tangible leadership behaviors, this book captures the phenomenon of leadership with insights that transcend the confines of the corporate world.

Join author Marty Zimmerman as he takes you on a tour of discovery and learning.  From his listening to hundreds of global leaders and executives of varying backgrounds, enjoy the sometimes expected, and often unexpected twists and turns that these leaders provide as they identify the catalysts behind their role model ratings.  What are their ways of thinking, behaving, and communicating that earn them the highest acclaim and respect from a tough audience of their employees, peers, clients and their bosses?

Whether a leader or doer, this book will challenge you to listen as if in their very presence.  Compare what you read to your own patterns of thinking, speaking and behaving.  Marty adds his own experiences, stories, and reflective questions.  These help you to marinate your discovery with your own experiences and reflections.  Not a shallow recipe book for shutting down the inquiry, but rather for raising our inquiry to a deeper awareness and thinking.  With that follows the deeper achievement and influence.  Whatever your past accomplishments, access the role model potential always awaiting your bidding.  Accept Marty’s challenge within these pages.  And live so that others are privileged to be in your presence!

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What others are saying:

 “In Their Presence provides the leader with pragmatic insights to effective leadership.  Marty’s book is uniquely different from other leadership books by documenting clear and tangible role model behaviors relevant to U.S., Canadian and European leaders alike.”

  -- Chadi Habib, Canadian executive, Fortune 100 company


“This book provides authentic insight into the possibilities of being a true role model.  Rarely do we have the opportunity to tap into the feedback conversations of over 1,600 leaders, much less in such an informative way.  This book will be invaluable for those who aspire to be leaders or for those who have held a leadership title for a long time.  This is definitely going on my recommended reading list!”

  -- Marsha Clark, Marsha Clark & Associates


“I was fortunate to witness the first presentation Marty made sharing what would become the contents of this book.  Utilizing his collection of materials, Marty is an excellent inspirational speaker whom I would recommend to any organization.  The insights shared in this book are of great use to business leaders, community leaders and service clubs alike.”

 -- Gerald Jackson, Governor, Rotary International District 6380


“Zimmerman writes with integrity, enthused passion and a humble spiritual eloquence that allows the richness and wisdom woven through case studies to emerge with clarity and power.  Much more than simply another ‘Leadership Manual,’ this book captures the phenomenon of leadership as it manifests the 'coal face.’  It records and explores the influential relationships, conversations, thoughts and interactions between role model leaders and their people and synthesizes these into practical guidelines for action.  Most importantly though, Zimmerman’s insights transcend the confines of the Corporate world, making them accessible to all those who are called to lead and aspire to personal mastery in their chosen pursuits.”

  -- Dr. Travis J. Kemp, PhD, MBA Director, International Graduate School of Management, University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia  


"Marty Zimmerman captures the essences of exemplary leadership…In Their Presence: Best Practices and Stories of Role Models.  He gives dynamic examples of real-life business practice that spell real leadership!  This gives the reader at all levels genuine examples to act and live by.  I am impressed."
    -- Mack Gaston, Rear Admiral, U.S.Navy, (Ret.)


"Why does leadership in our day, and in all areas of life, appear to be in crisis?  Many have responded to that question in different ways.  Marty Zimmerman brings fresh insights to the question and helps us look into areas that we might least expect to find an answer.  He comes to those insights through years of careful analysis of case studies and experience with leadership development and shares them with us in this exciting piece of work.  A must-read book for anyone who aspires to be a leader."
    -- Monsignor Robert S. Humitz, Pastor, St. Daniel Community, Clarkston, Michigan; author, Reliving the Glory


"Never before in the history of business has the need for sound, competent and authentic role models been so critical.  One has only to read the newspapers to see that something has gone wrong with respect to the integrity of our business leaders.  Marty's experience in measuring, interviewing, and delivering feedback to leaders provides valuable insight into behaviors that work and lead organizations to success."
    -- Prudence Cole, President & CEO, being@work


"Busy mangers who are tasked with the job of making their staff highly productive continually seek information to make them a more effective leader.  Mr. Zimmerman has created a 'treasure' for those who seek actual, nonacademic, real methods, styles and techniques that will foster excellence in leadership.  Actual data collected from over 1,600 interactions has provided an in-depth view of manager effectiveness from actual managers over time.  This material should be the Bible for any manager who truly seeks to go beyond management to exceptional leadership.  In Search of Excellence now has its soul mate.  The real reason why employees would want to join a firm is to experience true leaders who embody this books' tangible lessons in leadership."
    -- Dr. Susan M. Fieldman, CPCM; NCMA Fellow


"Marty Zimmerman gives great examples of how to develop your internal leadership skills.  The lessons learned in the book are practical and useful for anyone in a management role.  I am personally planning to add a jar of M&Ms in my office, though I do fear a possible weight gain."
    -- Sam Hoff, President, Patti Engineering, Inc


"There's plenty of theoretical discussion about what constitutes leadership these days, and lots of lists of leadership attributes.  Not many authors actually describe the behaviors that are the 'difference that makes a difference' in why someone is experienced as a leader or role model.  Marty's deep background in assessing leadership and giving feedback gives the material an enormous depth of experience and insight to draw on as he details the behavioral moves that cause people to identify someone as a leader.  This is a powerful resource for anyone who aspires to be a role model in life and at work."
-- Lisa J Marshall, The Smart Work Company, author


"Just finished your book. I 'speed read' a lot and went through it the first time in about 90 minutes. However, I would encourage people to study it rather than just read it. I highlight, underline, write notes in it, etc. It raised a lot of new thoughts and reinforced some old ones. All positive, I might add."
Bill A. Dollinger, RECS, CPM (Emeritus)
Commercial Real Estate Services
Re/Max 100, Inc., Realtors
Louisville, KY


"Your book is GREAT - so much easier to read and gain the main points of leadership than others I have read. The personal accounts and stories you picked to illuminate your points were perfect! I felt you made your points concisely, in a manner many clients would benefit from reading. "Pragmatic leadership" is the perfect label for it!"
Carolyn M. Warden, CCUE;
founder Shared Resources;
former credit union CEO/CFO;















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