Soaring, Not Just Survivingmarty033

Be prepared for a rejuvenating session reminding the character and mind of participants what it means to soar – perpetually – not just survive.  How do members of organizations provide lift for others around them, even in the stormy busy-ness of chaos and despair?  How do you turn stories of failure into providential usefulness?  As managers anticipating people’s needs, you often ask your teams to go above and beyond the call of duty.  How can you keep your employees motivated so that the operation you care about achieves success and grows in reputation? 

Enjoy Marty Zimmerman’s warm, enthusiastic and dynamic speaking style, as he shares with us personal leadership practices mastering motivation and thought leadership.  In coaching 1,600 global business executives like yourself, Marty learned from the insights of those assessed as role model leaders by a tough audience of their employees, peers, leaders and customers.  Examine personal gaps and prepare to increase your capacity to lead in challenging environments.


Leadership Best Practice:  Leaving No Employee Left Behind

This session evolved from a particular emphasis on the needs and requests of educators to hear an application of role model best practices to their environment.  The title spins off of the “No Child Left Behind” U.S. mandate.  How do administrators, teachers, and all employees apply leadership practices to achieve in an environment of challenge:  budget cutting, increased academic requirements, a diversity of student needs?  How do we work to ensure no member of the team is left behind?    


Better Questions - Better Answers

What are the internal questions you commonly ask?  Do they get you the results you seek?  Apply the practices of visionary role model leaders who discover that with better questions come better answers, better solutions. Enjoy Marty Zimmerman’s warm, enthusiastic speaking style as he shares seven keys to mastering motivation and thought leadership. Coaching 1,600 global business executives, Marty learned from the insights of those assessed as leader role models.

  • Role model leaders draw people’s critical thinking and best talents – how do they compare with your habits?
  • What defines you – your situation and circumstance, or what is possible for  you?
  • What defines your organization – the situation, the past, or what is possible?
  • Leave this session with personal to-do’s enabling you to demonstrate immediate impact.




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