Improving the Quality of Our Coaching Conversations


In this session, experience how to coach others to be at the top of their game.  What leadership insights draw the best out of your people’snew-1 talents and thinking of all ages and backgrounds?  How do you promote a culture committed to results?  How can you keep your employees motivated so that your team achieves success and grows in reputation? 


Enjoy as Marty invites your participation through activities and sharing in a safe, non-threatening format.  Integrate the practice of leading into every aspect of your business, every moment.

Examine personal gaps and prepare to enrich your capacity to lead in tough environments.


Leadership Role Model Best Practices and You (Seminar Offers Path to Effective Leadership)


Many believe the business world is in need of a few good role models. For those who wish to walk the path of leadership excellence, Marty Zimmerman presents his seminar Leadership Role Model Best Practices and You.


This seminar offers a pragmatic approach, distinguishing it from other leadership seminars as it demonstrates clear and tangible leadership behaviors. Marty captures the phenomenon of leadership with unique, practical insights.  After listening to hundreds of global leaders and executives, Marty presents the expected and unexpected twists these leaders provide as they identify the catalysts behind their role model ratings.


Who are your future leaders in your organization?  Have you identified them?  Are you preparing them to eventually succeed you?  Are you developing their leadership competence and confidence adequately, so they eventually take your place and continue the legacy you are creating?  Do leader role models’ practices characterize the growth of your leaders?


Get to the bottom of these role models’ ways of thinking, behaving and communicating that accomplish the highest acclaim and respect from their diverse stakeholders in demanding business environments.  What lies behind their increased performance results, higher productivity and revenues, and higher retention and morale?   Personally feel like you are holding conversations with these role models across the spectrum of leadership.  Marty spices things up with his own personal experiences and reflections and urges participants to evaluate themselves and act from a deeper self-awareness and clarity of thinking.


Marty’s In Their Presence experience culminates in action-oriented development planning.  This take-away development plan of actions both integrates their daily leadership behaviors, and prepares them for a leadership conversation with their leader or Human Resources department.  Expect positive change, positive results.



Living and Leveraging Conflict Resolution


Enjoy comparing your methods of resolving conflict with those of the role models.  What are specific techniques and behavior practices for leveraging conflict that complements our collective thinking and approach?  When you think about the kind of relationships you want to have, the kind of interactions where respect is felt, the kind of people you want to reach, what gets in the way?  “There will always be conflict in human affairs, because I’m hungry when you are thirsty...I want to go left when you want to go right.  The issue isn’t conflict itself, but how we deal with it.”  -Riane Eisler.  Come enjoy this session, one and all, then leave together going left and right. 

  • Translate commonly used “killer phrases” into sustaining, productive conversations.
  • Assess how one commonly listens through physical practice.
  • Increase a space between impulse and reaction through three basic behaviors.
  • Coach others with tips, practices and techniques to live and leverage conflict.
  • Develop one’s leadership practice in the heat of the moment. 

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